Neighborhood Park and Playground

Neighborhood Park and Playground

Mott Park Playground, located in the middle of the neighborhood, connects to the Mott Park Recreation Area.

2021 Update

Mott Park is a part of the city program called Adopt-a-Park through Keep Genesee County Beautiful. We continue participating with this program and we have seen some good things come from the support of our neighbors and local community.

  • Park benches and tennis courts have been repaired.
  • Old equipment was painted and cleaned up.
  • A new playscape was installed five years ago, and new mulch was added.

This year we are hoping to make the following improvements:

  • Bicycle garden
  • Tennis court resurface
  • 3rd court resurfaced & put up new post

The park is mowed 12 times a year, June through September, through the city contractor. When we have issues or inconsistency we try and communicate with the city about the park and playground.

Mott Park is a great neighborhood because of the neighbors that have volunteered their time to keep our streets and parks clean. If you are interested in helping or would like to hear about volunteer opportunities please contact us at

Neighborhood Park & Playground
Neighborhood Park & Playground