Neighborhood Revitalization

Neighborhood Revitalization

The Mott Park Blight Squad continues to be busy since spring. Within the last few months we have gotten a lot accomplished in the neighborhood. Below is what has been done so far:

Joliet Street Blight Cleanup

Over 13 homes cleaned with the assistance of Kettering University Volunteers, the Bahai Community and Flint reserve police officers. Tools provided by the Neighborhood Engagement Hub.

House Painting

Painted a severely weathered vacant home at 2014 Cartier and installed solar security lighting. Paint was Donated by Mott Park residents Casey and Mike Dodd who run the Benjamin Moore Paint Centers in Flint Twp and Grand Blanc.

Flower Box

Installed a decorative flower box with Mott Park lettering in the median of Chevrolet and Dupont.

Chevrolet Street Blight Cleanup

Cleaned 3 massively blighted homes on Chevrolet near Flushing, all next to each other, with the help of Kettering volunteers.

Tree Cleanup

Removed fallen tree limbs on Cartier near Chevrolet and Perry near Chevrolet.

Water System

Installed a water system at Mott Park Gardens.

Fence Painting

Installed and painted a fence on the foundation of a burned down home at 1920 Joliet.

Beyond Mott Park

Assisted with a city-wide blight clean up on Martin Luther King Blvd.

We still have more planned until the fall. Here’s what’s in the works:

Another Flower Box

Build and install 2nd flower box with Mott Park lettering, to be installed in the median of Chevrolet near Flushing.

Home Enhancements

Renovate the exterior of three homes, sites of previous heavy blight, by painting them and some structural enhancements to improve the area and entrance to the neighborhood. These projects will take us into fall.

The blight in the neighborhood continues to decline. We are please to learn that the city is stepping up enforcement services in the neighborhood. They have hired two additional neighborhood Safety Officers who will just handle the 6th Ward. The NSOs for our area previously handled other wards as well. The city will be assisting with handling blight matters on owned and owned vacant properties to get the owners to make sure they are maintained to code. To report blight you can visit the City of Flint web page or call (810) 237-2090.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Did you know?

The Community Tool Shed has everything from rakes and saws to zero-turn mowers available for rent at little to no cost. Tools are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact to help mow the lawn of a distressed property or empty lot?

Please contact Mott Park through our contact page.

What can I do if there is a home with unsafe clutter and vehicles in the yard?

Please contact Andrew Brown at or at (810) 237-2090.

How do I adopt a vacant lot?

Please fill out this form from the Land Bank and submit it to the address at the bottom of the form.

What can I do about abandoned vehicles on public property?

Please fill out this form and email it to Andrew Brown at or fax it to (810) 237-6969.