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Crime Prevention Methods by Steve Major

1. The neighborhood needs to be clean and look cared for. It is a proven fact that neighborhoods with yards that are not clean and kept up show a neighborhood that is not involved and does not care. It invites crime. So, keep your yard up. If a neighbor does not, and you feel comfortable talking to them do so. If you do not feel comfortable, or your talk did not work, turn them in to blight enforcement and have them help them become responsible home owners.

2. Invest in a home alarm system. If you cannot afford one purchase a sign you can put out that says you do.

3. Call 911 to report any crime or suspicious activity even if you do not think they will come. With severely reduced staffing most of the patrols end up in high crime areas. Our current crime stats show that Mott Park is low crime even though we know it has been getting worse. This happens because people will post it on Facebook but never report it. Mainly, because the police do not usually show. So, that makes it difficult to get additional police staffing for our area.

4. Lights-Lights-Lights! Myself and other officers have noticed a lot of dark homes at night! Leave your lights on at night in the front and back. If cost is an issue contact the blight squad and they can refer you to the link to fill out a crime prevention assessment form and you can obtain free motion activated solar power security lights.

5. Obtain a camera system. Post a visible sign that you are video recording. If you cannot afford a system you may qualify for a free unit from Kettering University. Limited supplies are available.

6. Know your neighbors and watch out for them.

7. Post crime alerts to the community Facebook page after you have called 911.

8. Keep your doors locked on your house and car at all times.

9. Be cautious about who you open the door for. Try to see who it is first.

10. Do not walk the neighborhood alone or in the dark.

A neighborhood that looks clean and has good crime prevention tactics in place makes it less of a target. Criminals do not like a lot of hassle or bigger chances of getting caught and will choose another target.

Did you know?

You can file a police report via the Coplogic page on the City of Flint website.

Burglary Prevention Tips


Close and lock all your windows before you leave the house.


Leave a light on in the house and/or outside, so burglars believe you are home.


Check and maintain security systems, locks, keys, etc for best defense.


Have another line of defense to prevent break-ins, which can include: dogs, security cameras/system, peep holes, extra lighting in dark places.


Make your house look clean and organized through regular maintenance including: cutting lawn, putting up outside valuables, and closing curtains.