Mott Park

Neighborhood Meeting Highlights

December 5, 2022 Year-End and Holiday Celebration Meeting

We had a wonderful turnout of neighbors to celebrate the Christmas holiday and the end of year neighborhood meeting.  There were even a few new faces that we were able to meet.  There was plenty of good food, music, gift bags for the kiddos and a video of events that happened in the neighborhood during 2022.  

The elections for the 2023 year were held and those voted in are:  Chad Schlosser, President – Nena Woodall, Treasurer – Joanne Paul, Secretary and Heather Marko was appointed as Vice-President.  We also want to congratulate Karen Spencer-Kea as our newest volunteer board member for the 2023 year!  Karen will be helping with the kids activities – Welcome Karen!

We are looking to do a Beginning of the Year Newsletter for 2023 so stay tuned for information on this.

At the upcoming February meeting we encourage neighbors to come to the meeting to give us your ideas for the 2023 year.  We will try to get to as many of those ideas and suggestions during the 2023 year as we can.

Interim Chief Wiggins spoke at the meeting about fire safety since there has been quite a few fires in the city this year, 2 right here in our neighborhood.  Some of Chief Wiggins comments were:

 * Clothing – polyester is easily flammable and some of our seniors wear this type of material

 * Have Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors in your home and test them so you know what they sound like – if you do not have detectors go the the fire station and a free one will be given to your family

 * Teach our kids to not play with matches and to know to stop, drop and roll

 * A fire can reach temperatures of 1000 to 1500 degrees and this high heat turns everything in the home to black smoke so keep bedroom doors closed at night – fire looks for oxygen and it can be found in open doorways

 * Have an escape plan with your family and have a designated place to meet once outside of your home

There is a burning ordinance in the city of Flint which is no open fires – however, if you do use a small purchased fire pit be sure to have water close by don’t leave a fire unattended and exercise safety

We will have Chief Wiggins back at another meeting to talk Fire Safety with neighbors again

The next meeting is Monday, February 6, 2023 at 6:30pm we hope to see you there!