Mott Park

Neighborhood Meeting Highlights

June 6, 2022 Meeting

Clubhouse lease has been approved and rental of the clubhouse will be available after June 25, 2022 – neighbors who are interested in leasing the clubhouse can contact Gennois Wiggins at

The clubhouse is also available free of charge for public events such as crafts, yoga, bingo, euchre etc.  Contact Gennois Wiggins

Game nights are back every Wednesday at 7pm – Donations are welcome

If any neighbors would like to help/volunteer for blight projects reach out to Chad Schlosser

Mott Fest is June 25, 2022 from 3pm to 8pm – Heather Marko will be on radio am1470 (Tim Look Vintage Flint) on June 15, 2022 from 10am to 11am tune in if you can – Ask neighbors to share the event with friends, family and neighbors past and present Postings for Mott Fest are available if anyone knows of a business that will have them – Pamphlets are available for the Rec Area to help with fund raising

Garage Sales are Friday, Saturday and Sunday – June 24, 25 & 26, 2022 / Contact Heather Marko if you would like to participate and get added to this list and map

The Rec Area will be part of the new State Park which will include Chevy Commons and River Bank Park – The park will consist of mainly the Rec Area and Genesee County will maintain the park with maintenance and lawn mowing – Park Rangers will patrol the park daily – County park sticker will not be needed to use the Rec Area or the Park

We now have 4 Flint Police Officers that patrol the neighborhood 7 days a week 24/7 from 6am to 6pm and then from 6pm to 6am with 2 officers on each shift – it is recommended to text both officer on the shift with an issue to be sure the one who is working gets the text and can respond

Day Shift:  Officer Kelly @ (810) 964-4879 and Officer Cramer @ (810) 964-4874

Night Shift:  Officer Davison @ (810) 964-4872 and Officer Fuller @ (810) 964-4878

Mayor Neeley City Updates are:  Violent crime is down in the city due to proactive measures by the administration – Confiscated weapons are being destroyed rather than resold back into the community – Water tests are coming back in the top 3 for lead and copper in each cycle which is every 6 months – Water pipeline project to Port Huron has been completed – Ice Mountain will continue water giveaway through the end of the year – New shipment of speed humps is to arrive soon and neighborhood will be accessed for placement (Daugherty Drive and Nolan Drive)

Miscellaneous Items:  Annual dues are $15 per household – Dues can be paid on the Mott Park Neighborhood Website – Dues money helps with activities throughout the year with kids night, parties, small projects, beautification (flowers)

And introduce yourself to your neighbors and encourage everyone to attend the bi-monthly neighborhood meetings – Next meeting the first Monday in August